Play the Orangutan: 1.b4 - Carsten Hansen

Carsten Chess
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Cum a luat autorul o deschidere presupus inofensivă și excentrică și a marcat 70% în jocurile sale cu ea, inclusiv 75% masiv împotriva marilor maeștri?
A început să joace urangutanul și a trecut de la Urangutan-curios la Urangutan-devot în câteva luni și pe măsură ce a explorat mai departe deschiderea, rezultatele au devenit din ce în ce mai bune!
În această carte, autorul oferă un repertoriu complet începând cu 1.b4
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Durata de livrare: 24-48 ore

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How did the author take a supposedly harmless, and eccentric opening and score 70% in his games with it, including a massive 75% against grandmasters?
He started playing the Orangutan and went from Orangutan-curious to Orangutan-devotee in a few months and as he explored the opening further, the results got better and better!
In this book, the author delivers a complete repertoire starting with 1.b4, a repertoire that will challenge Black to:

  • think on her/his own right from the beginning of the game,
  • face unfamiliar set-ups, structures, and ideas,
  • fight an uphill battle.

Through the author's work, the opening has been infused with numerous new ideas and concepts as well as countless improvements over existing theory and guidance on how to deal with Black's most common attempts at a refutation.

The Orangutan, 1.b4, is also known as the Sokolsky opening, respectively named by the endearing name given to the opening by grandmaster SaviellyTartakower in 1924 after a visit to the New York Central Park Zoo or the opening's primary researcher and practitioner, Alexei Sokolsky. The opening challenges normal conventions by launching an instant attack on Black's queenside right from the outset of the game and leads to an interesting game where both players are challenged to play creatively right from outset.

This book by experienced chess author Carsten Hansen presents a repertoire for White to help navigate Black's many tricky alternatives and lead White to a position of playing for the win.



004 Bibliography

005 Dedication to my father

008 Foreword by IM Michael Basman

009 History of the Orangutan Opening

034 My Own Experiences with the Orangutan

039 Chapter 1: 1 ... e5 - The Exchange Variation

061 Chapter 2: 1 ... e5 2.Bb2 f6

070 Chapter 3: 1 ... e5 2.Bb2 d6

077 Chapter 4: King’s Indian Set-ups

087 Chapter 5: Grünfeld Indian Set-ups

095 Chapter 6: Queen’s Indian Set-ups

105 Chapter 7: Main Lines with 1 ... Nf6 2.Bb2 e6 & 3 ... d5

116 Chapter 8: Other Set-ups with 1 ... Nf6 & 2 ... e6

122 Chapter 9: 1 ... d5 followed by ... Bf5 or ... Bg4

137 Chapter 10: Black attacks the b4-pawn with the Queen

152 Chapter 11: Dutch Set-ups

165 Chapter 12: Various Other 1st Moves for Black

176 A Repertoire in a few lines

178 Join Me in Saving The Orangutan in the Wild

180 Books by Carsten Hansen

Anul aparitiei: 2021

Nr. pagini: 182

Editura: Carsten Chess

Autor: Carsten Hansen

ISBN/ISSN: 978-8793812659

Limba: Engleza

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  • Play the Orangutan: 1.b4

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